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Writing Prompts

Words are powerful things.  They can make us happy or sad, feel immersed or subdued.  It can make us desirous or can be a cold shower.

These prompts are here to help you ignite your imagination to create a sensuous world of your own.


Creative Juices

Set yourself free

Not Your Average Prompt

As a writer of erotic fiction, I have found myself pondering new scenarios and sometimes, like anyone else, I get stuck.

What I found frustrating about some prompts I would find online was that they were just a word or a picture and without further context, I found myself drawing a blank.

I will endeavour to create prompts that titillate and inspire by providing a set-up for a scene you can take wherever your mind allows.


Let Your Imagination Run Wild


It’s time to get your mind in the gutter

Why write Prompts?

Writing erotica can range from romantic to smutty and when the ideas are flowing it can lead to some pretty salacious creations.

But what happens when the proverbial well has run dry?

In that vein, I have created this place for people to come to refill their well.

Writing is hard.  And everyone could use a helping hand once in a while.

Stop by often.  Recharge.

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