Dream Lover

You are deep in sleep and having a fantastic dream where you and your skilled team of criminals have devised a plan to pull off the ultimate casino heist. You, of course, are the brains of the operation and the night before the big caper you have given everyone their tasks. They have all retired for the night to prepare in their own particular way for the big job.

You sit in the dimly lit salon and stare out the oversized windows that face the tranquil bay, sipping on a glass of port. In the reflection of the glass you see the unmistakable shape of your explosives expert as they slowly approach.

You put down your drink as they gently stroke their fingers along the nape of your neck and reach for the drawstring of your satin robe. An expert in delicate mechanics, they explore your body with uncommon skill and within in moments are bringing you to an exquisite orgasm.

As the orgasm quakes through your body, you awaken, shuddering and moaning. Your mind is unsure if you are asleep or awake, but your body is alive and wanton.

Alone in bed, how do you satisfy your carnal ache?

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