Strawberries and Cream

There are few foods in the world that have an inherently sexual vibe than the combination of strawberries and cream.

The plump ripe berry, symbolic of the yielding nature of our aroused flesh.  The ruby red colour of our lips.  The willing juiciness, nearly bursting forth from within.  The very duality of personality – is it sweet or tart – each time a surprise.

The versatility of cream to whip it, sweeten it, or freeze it only adds to the many levels upon which we delight in the luxurious liquid.  Whether it dances around, slides along, or chills our mouths depends on the form it takes.  The possibilities are boundless.

Pairing the vixen berry with the silky texture and subtle sweetness of heavy cream captures the very essence of sensuality.

What other foods bring to mind such tempting imagery?

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