You enter the dimly lit nightclub navigate to your table.  It’s in the second row and everyone knows that it is your table.  You are a dedicated regular and there has never been a need for a reserved sign.

You look over to the bartender who, when you meet eyes, gives you a kind smile and nod; your favorite libation will be along shortly.

On stage is the reason for your dedication.  She commands the stage with a presence you had never before experienced, and so moved by her fluid sensuality, you attend every night to witness as she wraps her expressive lips around every syllable of every song in her repertoire.

With eyes closed, you let her song envelop you.  The lyrics, the melody surround you and slide playfully down your spine, sending tingles everywhere.

Bathed in sound, you dream of the day when you will introduce yourself to the woman who, without touching you, has brought you to heights of which you have only dreamt.

What would you say to your chanteuse?


One thought on “Chanteuse

  1. The sounds, the smells, the feeling it’s comfort. It’s a home that’s not home it has memories it makes him happy

    He is a salesman he’s been for a long time. He travels he’s smooth every city a different story

    But this morning. In a city he’s been in a hundred times, in a hotel he’s been in a hundred times. He sent a text, it said I’m sorry…..

    Question is was it too his wife or someone else

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