Window Watching

You are walking down the busy sidewalk.  You are moving quickly, along with the flow of pedestrian traffic heading south after a long day at the office.

Those who are moving in the opposite direction have to fight the rushing crowds to maintain their pace, but with so few of them, you find yourself wondering about them.  Where are they going?  Where are they coming from?

It is in this ponderous state that you find yourself doing a double take.  You thought you saw a former lover heading in the opposite direction.  When you look back, you meet his gaze and you feel your stomach twist in excited knots.

Things between you two had never quite been resolved.  He moved away and you found yourselves unable to manage the distance.  And now, face to face, you find that time did not tamp down the intense sexual desire you felt for one another.

You gesture toward the closest building with your eyes and he wades through the crowd to meet you there.

Immediately his hands are around your waist and your fingers are running through his short cropped hair.  His lips are softer than you imagined them in your dreams, but the kiss is as urgent.  You have missed him, and it is clear that he has missed you.

Without a thought to the dozens of eyes watching you through the expansive glass plates that make up the building’s main floor, you sigh as his hands slip inside your jacket and you feel the heat of his body against yours.

Engaged as you are, what could happen to draw your attention back to the busy downtown street?

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