Surround Sound

When you came home from your day of running errands all around the city, you opened the windows to extricate the stifled feeling you had once inside.

You lay on the futon in your small, but cozy studio apartment, close your eyes and listen to the sounds of the city as they filter in from the street below.

The sounds of people laughing and that of excited conversation floats to your ear and you feel at ease.  The city is a symphony of sights, sounds and smells.  A symphony you are privileged enough to experience every day.

Thinking back to your chance encounter with a former lover earlier this week, your fingertips travel along your sensitive skin, and you find yourself too warm and too distracted by the memory to do much but attend to your newly pressing need.

In the near distance, the wail of a siren and a mournful car alarm call out.  They drown out your own breathless gasps as you ascend to familiar heights.

Your breath has returned to normal and satisfied, you turn on your hip to ponder what the remains of the day may hold.

A light breeze skirts along your skin.  New goose pimples rise as your excitement, once tamped down, lights anew.  You will be staying in tonight.

Will you close the window?

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