Icy Hot

You throw the sheet from your body.  It is early.  Your alarm has yet to sound, but the air hangs so heavy that you find you are unable to sleep one moment longer.

The shorts and t-shirt you sleep in have twisted themselves around your body and you fidget restlessly to become comfortable.   A fan hums noisily in the corner, blowing warm air throughout the room.

You close your eyes in surrender, convinced you may turn into a puddle at any moment.

The sound of moist feet along the ash grey engineered hardwood alert you to the presence of your lover.  The thought of having to share what little fresh air was left in the room does not appeal to you, but something in the air, a coolness, makes you think twice.

Before you can open your eyes to assess the subtle but much-desired change, your back arches and lifts your chest to the shocking and welcome sensation of ice gliding across your collarbone.

When you open your eyes, you see the rapidly melting cube is held between their luscious lips.

Bringing your lips to their own, how do you make an already hot room, steamy?


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