Stalling for Time

Dawn is breaking on a cool autumn morning.  Your colleagues are pulling on their yellow highlighter colored caution vests and are setting about preparing for what promises to be a long day.

Building a highway is no small task and the pressure to get the project finished on time has been weighing on the crew.

As you pull your utility belt from the back of your truck you feel the graze of an ungloved hand across the back of your jeans.  It rests on your firm ass cheek for a moment, gives a gentle squeeze and then is gone.

Heat rushes to your loins and for a second, your mind blanks. When you turn to look over your shoulder, the culprit has moved off, but you know where to find them.  The new port-o-johns had arrived and were waiting to be unloaded.  It was your tradition to christen the new arrivals and this morning would be no exception.

You round the corner and meet the sly, lustful stare of your some time workplace tryst waiting for you on the bed of the truck.

You climb up and the two of you disappear into one of the stalls.

Will you get caught before the workday begins?

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