Up Above The World

It is a long way up to get to your perch. Before you make the trip you ensure that you have everything you need, for once there, you do not leave til quitting time.

From your unique vantage point, you fantasize about the people below. Who are they? Where are they going?

You are aroused by the omniscient role you play in the lives of those around you as you literally change their sightlines and landscapes with the operation of your controls.

Tingles spread through you as you contemplate your role in shaping reality.

Your gloves laid to one side, your body exposed to any being that may soar high above the city, you tease your excited, tender skin while your mind races.

Situated near the island airport, there are often small planes awaiting clearance to land.

Are the exaltations of joy your own or are you joined by passing commuters?

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