It is after hours at a high profile law firm in the downtown core.  You are part of the overnight cleaning crew and as you approach the corner office a smile spreads across your face.

The office is an open concept space with a lot of windows to clean, and tonight the corner office was no exception.

You are used to having to wipe down fingerprints from a multitude of surfaces, but this evening you come across a number of handprints pressed onto the glass.

You spritz a generous amount of cleaner on the glass and begin to clean the large window in a circular pattern.  Amused by the implications stirred in your overstimulated mind, you place your hand on the glass.  It is then when you notice that there are four handprints on the glass.

You shudder in delight as the thought of what transpired races through your mind and knowing that you missed it by mere moments causes you to bite your lip.

Who was in the room?  Was it the boss, or did someone else try the corner office on for size?

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