Seize the Day

The salt of your skin is bright on my tongue

Your excited body hums in return

I drink you in and am rewarded by delicious pearls

Whetting my furtive imagination

Arched and ready, explosion imminent

I entwine myself with you

Feeling the very Earth quake beneath my yielding form

Eyes locked, my name caught mid-call on your tongue

Your lips formed, tantalizing

Your hands firm upon my sides

Nary room between us for air, for sweat, for the drippings of pleasure

You rise from beneath

Primal and Hungry

Desperate and Howling

Releasing pure ecstasy

Your body calls to me

A language spoken only between us

Understood only by us

I answer, singing your name to the Heavens

For only they know true bliss

Quivering and Gasping

Satiated and Gleeful

Wrapped in one another, we rest

For as dawn breaks, so too, shall you rise

Inspired to seize the day, rapt in passion

Loving every hot, aching moment

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