The IT Guy

Computers are complicated.  Luckily there is a team of specialists at the ready to assist.  Even luckier for you, the new IT guy is not bad on the eyes.

The smell of his cologne is intoxicating, clean and masculine.  His body brushes close to yours as he reaches for your keyboard and you can feel the heat of his skin.

You watch, entranced, as his fingers move swiftly along the keyboard, speaking a language all their own.  Your tongue wets your lips as you think about those digits.  You imagine them sliding along your shoulders, pushing down the straps of your bra.  Your breath becomes shallow as you think about his warm hands encircling your breasts; his thumbs just lightly grazing your hardening nipples.

You shudder, there is no denying that you want him.

There is something about a man who is both smart and knows how to use his hands.

Describe how he should further use those talents.

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