Summer Rain

The warm summer breeze playfully lifts your skirt as you stroll along the boardwalk.  The sound of the soles of your shoes against the uneven cobblestones is lost among the sound of the lapping waves and the joyful giggles of children playing in the park, but you can feel each reverberation echo through your core.

You are excited and nervous as you rush to meet your lover on the pier.  This will be the first time you have met in public and the thrill of the possibility of being caught pulses through your veins.

When you reach the pier, you see them standing at the end, looking out over the turbulent water.  You are curious as to why the water would be so choppy on a beautiful summer day.

You slip into your lover’s arms and they pull you into a passionate kiss.

As you yield to their embrace, the skies open and it begins to downpour.

Soaked to the skin and running for shelter, where do you go?

What would people say if they ever found out?

Who is your mystery lover?

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