Auld Lang Syne

Another year is moments from coming to an end and you find yourself at the social event of the season.  Everyone who is anyone in your industry is there and the party is lit.

Wine is flowing, smoked salmon canapes are being passed, and soon, when the ball drops, bottles of champagne will be popped and you will toast to a new year.  It is all very exciting.

But what has you more excited is the fact that the VP of Sales, always so dapper and suave, and tonight dressed in his finest black tie attire, has whisked you away from the dancefloor and to a room just off the kitchen.  Close enough to hear the action, but away from prying eyes.

There, he is on his knees before you, his tongue doing a dangerously delectable dance under the flowing skirt of your ballgown.  Your breasts strain against the bodice of your dress as you near climax.

Will you make it back to the party before the clock strikes twelve?

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