The Spotter

The party of the year is tomorrow night and you decide to hit the gym hard for one last workout before the debauchery begins.

Your new gym partner walks over to meet you by the water dispenser.  His grey t-shirt is beginning to cling to his muscular back as it dampens under his efforts.  His well defined body is distracting you from your goals.  Though, if you were honest, having those arms around you is definitely one of your goals.

Your interactions had grown from friendly hellos in passing, to spotting one another and giving each other general workout advice, but there had always been an unmistakable undercurrent of sexual tension between you.

He mirrors the suggestive smile that crosses your lips, and pulls your hand into his.  He leads you to the infrequently used stairwell to the parking lot.  Once through the first set of doors he draws you into his arms and you press your lips to his in a feverish long awaited kiss.  His hands take hold of your toned globes and as he lifts you up, you wrap your legs around his waist where you are in no doubt as to his excitement.

This workout will be hard and fun.  Describe your routine.

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