Après Le Repas

At the end of the week you lover wants to do something special for you.  He invites you over and when you arrive, you find the table set and his apartment smells delicious.

He steps out of the kitchen and with a cloth over his arm, serves the meal.  It is delicious.

After the entrée, he clears the dishes and returns with two small containers.  He asks you to close your eyes.  Excited and willing, you do as he asks.  Your senses are alive with energy and you hear the tinkle of a spoon against the container and he presents to you the homemade caramel pot de crème he has prepared.

The texture is silky and the buttery sweetness is delightful on your tongue.  The cool metal of the spoon is replaced with the soft heat of his lips as he kisses your toffee infused mouth.

Inspired by the alternating sensation of cool and warmth, he slides your dress from your shoulders, exposing your flushed skin and your ever hardening nipples.

Passions rise as he places dollops of cool pudding on your heated flesh and licks his way down your now sticky body.

Where is his mouth when he runs out of pudding?

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