Just A Scoop

You wander around the mall, looking for nothing in particular.  You just felt the need to be out on a Saturday afternoon.

Bored, and a little peckish, you head toward the food court to grab a quick snack before you leave.

There are dozens of people walking through the hall as you emerge from a store and you make your way among them, an unfortunate salmon swimming upstream in a river of people.

You search for a clearing and that is when you see her.  It is a rare sight to see someone at the ice cream shop in the middle of winter, and this sight is as delicious as it is intriguing.

You watch as she holds the cone in her nimble fingers and watches the smooth bulb with excitement as her tongue extends to slide along the icy treat.  The delight on her face is evident as she gathers the sweet nectar and closes her eyes as she savors the delectable delicacy.

Transfixed, you observe her throat as she swallows.  Your own breath becomes shallow as her mouth sets to work on the dripping cone.  You hear a subtle moan escape your lips as you watch her lick the cream that has found its way onto her fingers.

How you long to be that cone.

A pressing need has arisen in you.  Can you make it home before you can take care of it?

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