Parting Gift

You lay on your stomach watching as your lover packs their suitcase.  They are leaving town on an extended business trip and you are wondering how you are going to make it through the long, lonely nights without them.

The cool sensation on the back of your thighs stirs your soul as the sweat from your earlier torrid goodbye dries on your goose pimpled flesh.

You know that they won’t be gone too long, but you want to make sure that they do not forget what they have waiting for them upon their return.

They step out of the room and you reach for your phone.  You roll onto your back and your nipples harden from their new exposure to the cool air of the bedroom.  You position the phone to capture the rise of your breasts and the plain of your tummy.  Just out of focus is the top of your thighs.

Beneath the photo you write the caption “Miss me yet?” and hit send.

A moment later you hear your lover’s phone buzz in the other room.  You hear a quiet chuckle and a moment after that, your phone buzzes in reply.

Devil Emoji.png

You smile as you hear footsteps pad your way and you part your knees to see the devilish grin on your lover’s face as they sink to theirs before you.

You sigh with delight as you find yourself in the familiar throws of excitement.

Will they make it to the airport on time?

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