You awake with the blankets twisted around you.  It was a far from restful night and when your hand instinctively reaches for the smooth hip of your lover, you encounter nothing but cool silk sheets.

Your eyes slowly blink open and you sigh as you recall that your lover is on the other side of the world, settling in for the night.

Three weeks seems like a very long time as you lay in bed contemplating pulling the covers over your head and spending your Saturday tucked away.

You look at the time and do a quick calculation.  It is 8 am where you are, which means it is midnight where they are.   As you lay alone in bed, you wonder if they too are in bed.

You draw your hand along the sheets, the silken texture awakening sensations in your fingertips.  You lick your lips as your mind begins to spin a saucy fantasy.

Your phone vibrates on the nightstand.  You ignore it initially, annoyed by the interruption. Your fingers deftly skate along your inner thigh as you tease your moist flesh.

The vibration of the phone interrupts once more.   Your breath is unsteady as you reach for it.

“Good Morning Lover” is the caption that accompanies a photo of your very excited lover.

Your heart pounds with excitement as you read the next message.

“I want to watch you explode”

Panting and sweaty, you message back with your one available hand.

“I’m ready”

You answer when the phone lights up with an incoming video chat.

Who’s on the line and what do they see?

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