The Eastbound Express

The alarm clock pulls you from your sleep.  You did not sleep well, but that is nothing new.  Bleary eyed, you go through the motions to get out the door on time for work.  First thing’s first, you have a train to catch, and if you don’t pick up the pace you are going to miss it.

There is another train in 15 minutes, but you make sure you are on this one every morning.  It is the train she takes and she the first thing that brightens your day.  You know that no matter what else the day may bring, you saw her smile in your direction and that is enough.

You don’t know her name, where she works, or much about her actually.  What you do know is that for the past five years she has taken the same train and sat in the same chair, reading, or staring out the window on the familiar trip into the city; and every day you have sat across the aisle from her, watching her, wishing you could say something clever or brilliant.

Today is the day.

What do you say to break the ice?

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