The Daily Rag

At many of the main commuter hubs in the region, there is a newspaper that offers lighthearted comics and headlines to captivate your attention during your ride into or out of the city.

You and your fellow commuters look forward to picking up your copy of the daily rag to do the crossword or read an article or two in order to have something to talk about at the water cooler later in the day.  But there is one section in particular that has always captured your attention.

The column in the newspaper dedicated to “Missed Connections” is one of the most entertaining sections of the paper.  It outlines a potential meet-cute from one person’s perspective and invites the other party to contact the paper if they wish to pick up where the interaction left off.

You are entertained by the thought of people reading the paper, seeing “themselves” and reaching out to make their love connection.

You were in a blue winter bomber and I was in a black puffer vest.  We sat next to one another on the 76 Northbound bus at 5:50 pm and chatted until the end of the line.  You extended your hand as I walked down the steps and smiled warmly when we said goodbye.  I was so enjoying our conversation I forgot to ask your name.  I hope to see you on the 76 soon, but if by chance you it was only a fluke, I’d love to chat again.  Contact me here.

You hope these two kids can find each other again.

Would you write back?

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