Initiation Protocol

Train travel in the busy corridor to the city can be hectic, but a group of people have taken it upon themselves to make it more enjoyable.  You have set out to become part of this group and today is your initiation.

Before you leave work, you received an email invitation to join your compatriots in the third car from the end on the 6:17 pm train.   The one pre-requisite: you must remove your panties prior to boarding.  You freshen up in the restroom before you leave, stashing your dampened garment in your purse.

A shiver of excitement travels up your spine as you climb aboard the third last car and you look around to see if you recognize anyone.  One or two familiar faces sprinkle the crowd and when you catch their eyes, they smile back at you with a quiet confidence that you can’t help but feel right between your thighs.

You lick your lips and find a seat on the upper level and settle in.  Being aboard an express train means that the first stop from the city is quite a distance away, and the invitation was clear.  Games would not begin until after the first stop.

The train pulls into the station and your phone buzzes.  Your first and only set of instructions have come through.  You are to go to the washroom on the main level.  It will be unlocked.  Once inside, the possibilities are endless.

You open the door to find one of the smiling faces from earlier looking back at you.  Lust is clear in their eyes as they step forward and lock you both inside the surprisingly spacious washroom.

Placing a jacket on the floor, they kneel before you.  A contented sigh escapes your lips.

Your initiation begins now.  What does it entail?


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