Rain pelts angrily against the floor to ceiling windows of your penthouse condo as the storm rages on outside.

The weather had been particularly tumultuous this week and it has culminated in the incredible storm that is playing out before your eyes.

Your body quakes and blood rushes to your head as it overhangs the back of the armchair in your upscale apartment.  Your eyes look out to the storm but your mind can’t focus on any one thing.

Your lover is on their knees between your trembling thighs.  Their lips, tongue and fingers are skillful in their ability to bring you to the precipice of ecstasy, but not allow you to tumble over.

It is almost more than you can take.  Your heated moans intensify as their soft groans reverberate to the core of you.

They lift their mouth from you just as you feel yourself lose control.  Lightening crashes and casts discorded light throughout the room and your desperate, rasping moans are drowned by the cacophony of thunder surrounding the city.

Looming over you with heat in their eyes, where do their lips go next?



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