In The Quiet

You rented a cabin in the woods for some peace and quiet away from the demands of your work a day life.  A couple of weeks away in the great outdoors will no doubt do wonders to reset some balance.

Your cabin is nestled in a dense thicket of trees.  A heavy blanket of snow has fallen and has covered the tire tracks that leads from the road to your tiny patch of paradise.  The atmosphere is heavy with the damp snowfall and acts as an insulator, keeping you cocooned in your private world.  The only sounds you hear are those of the faint rustling of branches high above you, and your own rhythmically increasing breath.

The air around you is surprisingly warm and humid.  You sit on the front porch, with a book of erotic tales and cup of cocoa by your side.  You shrug the blanket you had around your shoulders into your lap as you feel the heat rise from your chest to your cheeks, in response to the sultry tales your eyes consume.

Your nipples strain against the soft plaid fabric of your shirt, sending sparks of excitement through you.  You cross and re-cross your legs, creating delicious pulses as your eyes devour the story.

Excited and inspired, you put the blanket aside and your hands recreate the climatic scene.  You cry out in ecstasy, knowing the snow will absorb your lustful call.

Write the scene that inspired you.

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