Prime Time

The television is on, but you are no longer watching.  You find yourself lost in a fantasy where you are the star and the hero is but your toy.  He is tall and strikingly handsome and his only desire is to please you.

With shallow breath, you lick your lips and you become increasingly aware of the texture of the cloth on your skin.  Every movement draws the material taunt against your body, teasing you.  You slide your fingertip along your lips.  They are wet and the sensation is electric.  Goosebumps bloom on your skin as you feel yourself succumbing to your increasing passion.

Your unfocused eyes stare ahead while the images flash on the screen.  You know the true excitement is in your mind.  No one can write the scene that is playing out in your head.  No one but you. 

Describe the scene that is making you wet.

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